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Rwanda Takes In 58 More Rebel Fighters from DRC

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:04 pm
Aba bose uko ari 58 bafatiwe muri RDC, baregwa kuba mu mitwe y

The group includes five generals

In a continued fight against armed elements operating on its land, including those targetting Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo army – FARDC has sent to Rwanda 58 members of armed groups that were captured during campaigns against the groups.

The group includes 57 rebels and one civilian and were deported on several phases since February 2020.

They are included in three groupings of RUD Urunana, P5, and the FDLR.

Five Generals, three colonels, and Lieutenant Colonels respectively are also part of the group which also include the son of FDLR commander Gen. Wilson Irategeka whom they alleged, he died.

The generals include Maj. Gen. Felicien Nsanzumuhire who had taken the name of Fred Irakiza, Maj Gen Anastase Munyaneza who had taken Rukundo Kulamba from FLN-CNRD. Maj Gen Joseph Habyarimana a.k.a Bucebo Sophonie, Brig. Gen. Mark Habimana and Brig. Gen. Leopold Mujyambere from FDLR.

Colonels include Marc Nzeyimana, Emmanuel Iyamuremye from FLN and Lt Colonel Emmanuel Habarurema a.k.a Habarurema Asifiwe.

The latter is alleged to have led the attacks in Busasamana and Bugeshi sectors of Rubavu district. Latest attack in this series killed three RDF soldiers in the Busasamana sector, December 11, 2018.

The alleged son to Gen. Wilson Irategeka known as Second Lieutenant Ndagijimana Jean Chretien and a civilian Origene Ndagijimana, the Deputy Secretary General of FDLR are also part of this group.

Dominique Bahorera, the RIB spokesperson, told the media that all of them are accused of creating illegal armed groups, being part of terrorism organisation,  assault, and looting and attempt against the government.

Another 32 members of armed groups operating in DRC are battling a court case in Kigali. 

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