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Enjoy Xmas but Beware of ‘Moto Taxis’ – New Stats Suggest

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:09 pm

128 passengers perished in motorcycle accidents last year

The choice of safest means of transport could not, for many, be backed with facts, but new findings are an ultimate way to choose how to connect with loved ones during these festive seasons.

Figures from the newly released Statistics Year Book – 2016 have indicated that despite carrying just one passenger at a time, motorcycle – the quickest means of transport in Rwanda are the leading cause of accidents in the country.

The findings released by National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) indicate that last year, 1,215 passengers were injured in motorcycle accidents while 128 passengers perished in motorcycle accidents.

At the same time, figures show that 459 passengers were injured in public transport and 346 in cabs and pick-ups. Respectively, in the two means of transport, 81 victims were also killed in accidents.

Trucks and Lorries are the second least risky mode of transport with 61 victims after tractors with zero case of fatal accident last year. Trucks and Lorries accidents caused injuries to 167 people while tractors caused none.

Considering the last five years, however, one would need to avoid cabs and pick up vehicles. Between 2010 and 2015, statistics show, the said means of transport recorded the highest number of fatal accidents with 612 deaths.

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In the same five year period, public transport comes second with 530 victims killed in accidents followed by motorcycles which recorded 496 accidents. Trucks recorded 267 deadly accidents in the last five years.

Worst experience in cabs, pick up and buses transport was in 2014 with 120 and 117 cases respectively, but the decline by 40 cases last year, if kept constant, would tend to mean both means of transport are seeking to be reliable.

In the contrary, the number of accidents kept increasing among motorcyclists. Meanwhile, Rwanda National Police insured, passengers will be safe at festive seasons.

“The festive period is here and everyone is looking forward to enjoy it in a safer and secure environment. Whatever we do in everyone’s belief and tradition, should be done in a way that it doesn’t affect the happiness and wellbeing of others,” Chief Supt. Lynder Nkuranga, the deputy RNP spokesperson, said.

She warned motorists against tendencies of driving while drunk, over speeding, recklessness and bad maneuvers, which are most common during the festive season, and at times causing fatal accidents.

“As usual, if you are drunk, don’t drive or ride,” she said.

As it was earlier believed by the general public however, no drunkard will enjoy a drive by a police officer these festive seasons.

“RNP will not transport drunkards to their homes during the festive seasons as speculated,” reads a tweet by National Police.

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