France Tops List of Fundraisers for Deceased Rwandan Diplomat

Sana is survived by his wife Mathilde ( Mamy) and his daughter Keziah

A private fundraising drive launched to support the family of a deceased Rwandan diplomat at the United Nations has attracted an unlikely partner.

The fundraiser has so far raised more than US$17,000 – with $730 coming from the “French Mission to the UN”, as filled out on the online platform.

The diplomat Sana Maboneza, the First Counselor at the UN Permanent Mission of Rwanda, died early December in an accident. He was traveling from New York to Richmond for his brother in law funeral when his car was hit on I-495 and he died on the site.

There has been outpouring of emotional support from UN counterpart, ordinary Rwandans and government officials back home. He was laid to rest last week outside Kigali. All funeral arrangements were taken care of by his employer – Government of Rwanda.

But a private fundraiser was launched earlier by a friend in the diaspora to put together funds which will go directly to Sana’s widow and daughter. And the response has been overwhelming.

“Sana was a very humble and friendly public servant  who was dedicated to his family and his work,” reads the message. “He is survived by his wife Mathilde ( Mamy) and his daughter Keziah. As friends and relatives we are saddened by his passing and would like to support his family in these tough moments. God bless you for your donation.”

So far on the list, individuals have put up to $20, some more than $200 – and there are several who gave $500.

There are two submissions filed as “French Mission to the UN” – one with $600 and another for $130. It was not clear if the cash is filed as the Mission, as an institution or individual French diplomats at the UN Mission.

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