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Young Designers Brand Kagame Quotes for Christmas

by Kalinda Brenda
5:12 pm

The designers have collected over 50 President Kagame quotes

You don’t know all surprises the festive seasons hold for you until you meet Ikamba Kindle a fashion company operating in Kigali.

The one year old company owned by two College graduates has now brought important quotes of their role model President Paul Kagame on clothes that they want the community to include among Christmas gifts.

Nicole Isimbi and Brigitte Kamaraba respectively aged 23 years and fourth year students at Kigali Independent University (ULK) have shown KT Press samples of T-Shirt branded with some of the sounding quotes of the President.

“However much the speeches of our company’s role model President Kagame are accessible to the public, we realize that the youth do not always capture important messages in his statements,” Isimbi told KT Press.

“Since December, we have started writing important quotes of the president on our t-shirts to make sure they are widely spread so that the youth gets his inspirational messages.”

The quotes include; “After all, les faits sont têtus”, which is part of the president’s speech during Kwibuka20 in 2014.

Another one is, “They called us a small failed state but we refused to fail, refused to be small” which was picked from the speech that was addressed to youth representatives during the National Youth Council in June this year.

Clients can also choose to buy T-shirts with “Work hard until it pains because poverty hurts much more” quote.

The clothes are in different colours and sizes and each cost Rwf 10,000.

Several Rwandans are coming up with initiatives that intend to spread the inspiration that carries President Kagame’s leadership style.

During the National Dialogue-Umushyikirano last week, Edith Mukantagara a senior citizen proposed the country to consider establishing “Kagame Institute of Good Governance.”

She said that citizens are satisfied with his leadership and nations are increasingly seeking to learn from him.

“Why can’t we start an institute and name it Kagame Institute of Good Governance or l’Institut de Bonne Gouvernance Paul Kagame,” she said.

Rwanda may soon begin sharing its magic on how it has managed to beat all odds and transform into a prosperous country within a short time after the genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

Meanwhile, Isimbi and Kamaraba have a list of 50 quotes to brand their T-shirts but, said Kamaraba, anyone can suggest his preferred quote by the president to brand his/her T-shirt.

Nicole Isimbi (left) and Brigitte Kamaraba(right)