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Shock As Human Faeces Are Dumped, Smeared on Genocide Site

by KT Press Staff Writer
2:48 pm

Genocide survivors had ignored verbal genocide ideology but never believed someone could target a memorial

Huye district authorities are holding two men in connection with staining a genocide memorial with human excreta.

The incidence happened at a genocide memorial located in Nyakibanda cell Gishamvu sector.

According to Juliette Niragire a witness and also a genocide survivor, it was around midnight when she heard voices of unidentified people thinking they were thieves. She quietly opened her window and saw men with torches around the memorial.

Niragire reached for her cell phone and alerted neighbours. However, the suspects vanished immediately. They had dumped the human waste around the site and also used some of it to smear the plaque with names of victims.

In the morning a passerby noticed that the memorial black monument had been stained with human feces. The monument bears names of 200 victims of ‘Abahenda’ clan that lay to rest at this memorial.

After initial investigations, the District Security Officers (DASSO) in the area arrested two men allegedly involved in this act.

“We had already chosen to embrace reconciliation and pardoned perpetrators that killed our parents, children and brothers. This sets us back,” Jean Marie Vianney Gashugi, a genocide survivor that has relatives buried at the memorial told KT Press.

Genocide survivors in Gishamvu said they had decided to just ignore verbal genocide ideology, but “such a shameful act is unacceptable and perpetrators should be tracked and held accountable.”

Alphonse Mutsindashyaka, the Executive Secretary for Gishamvu Sector said, “The incident is evidence that there are still people with awful genocide ideology that should be brought back to rational thinking.”

Mutsindashyaka convened a meeting to remind residents to respect memorials and the need to safeguard reconciliation gains.