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CHANGED: Fr. Thomas Nahimana “arriving in Rwanda” on Monday

by KT Press Staff Writer
1:41 pm

Father Thomas Nahimana, who has live in France for past 11 years, will be in Rwanda – hopefully by late evening

Ex-catholic priest-turned politician Fr Thomas Nahimana has changed his return date – after details behind his previously scheduled date were published.

This will be a second attempt by the former priest, dismissed by his church over his ethically charged political statements made over the years. On November 23, Kenya Airways refused him boarding plane from transit in Nairobi – citing “directive from Rwanda” not to travel to Kigali with him among its passengers.

Several weeks later, President Paul Kagame told a closed-door Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) congress that he did not think it was the appropriate decision. Nahimana has been openly denying the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, a crime in Rwanda.

Kagame said Nahimana should have been allowed into the country to open way for the ‘judiciary to do its job’. Immediately, Nahimana seized on the moment to “thank” the President, but again set January 28 as the new return date.

Following this announcement, KT Press published details showing the date had not been selected by accident. Fifty six years ago on the same date in 1961, Prime Minister Gregoire Kayibanda summoned members of the ethnic extremist Republican Democratic Movement – Parmehutu (MDR-Parmehutu) who had been elected in local polls from all over Rwanda.

The meeting resulted into a controversial national referendum eight months later banning the monarchy and unveiling an anti-Tutsi campaign. Millions were expelled, housed in reservation sites, killed and all their property confiscated. The “apocalypse” – as it had been designed, was in 1994.

It is the political agenda of MDR-PARMEHUTU that Father Nahimana espouses. In interviews with online radios and websites owned by Rwandan exiles, Nahimana has even called for “Hutu uprising”. He is also perhaps one of the most vocal political ideologues of the Rwandan rebels in DR Congo – the so called FDLR.

“They (Hutu) can topple RPF government if they boycotted work for some 15 days without reporting to places of work,” Nahimana said in one interview. “Such a mass action by the majority Hutus would force the RPF government to the negotiating table.”

Speaking today morning on the Kinyarwanda/Kirundi service of the Voice of America (VOA) radio, Nahimana confirmed he was arriving in Kigali on this Monday evening at 19h20. He will be on KLM flight KL 537.

The date had been circulating on Facebook for some days, but it was only today that Nahimana confirmed media.


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