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Community Health Workers Turn to Real Estate Business

by KT Press Staff Writer
7:35 pm

Artistic Impression of Complex to be built by Community health workers (CHW) in Karongi district

More than a thousand community health workers in Karongi district have pooled over Rwf 295 Million to invest in a massive commercial complex.

Grouped under ‘Community Health Workers Investment Group’, about 1164 members From 22 cooperatives raised money from their savings.

“The money was raised from frugal savings from what the Health Ministry gives them as a token of appreciation,” said Patience Mazimpaka representing the shareholders.

Community health workers (CHW) do not earn any salary but according to Mazimpaka, the Health Ministry deposits between Rwf 1Million and Rwf 1.8 Million on each of the cooperatives’ accounts in appreciation of priceless service to community.

The health workers move from home to home in villages diagnosing residents of malaria and prescribing treatment. They are trained to give first aid, provide nutritional advice and help women give birth.

Mazimpaka said, the appreciation dedicated to their respective cooperatives increases with performance.

From this money, every cooperative brought Rwf 15 Million and members believe, the house will change their lives to the better.

“I look to the future with a smile; I am sure this sustainable project will earn us good money,” said Clemance Uwamungu one of the CHWs.

Francois Ndayisaba, Mayor of Karongi district told Kigali Today, “This facility will add beauty to Karongi town and is a big contribution to commercial housing.”

With an estimate 30 rooms, the house at starting phase is expected to be finished in May and is targeting tenants including; bars, restaurants, beauty salons and other businesses.

Members said this investment is just the beginning; their objective is to dig deeper to bring in life other projects that will change their life.