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‘We Must Be Defined By Values of Discipline’ – Kagame

by Dan Ngabonziza
5:49 pm

364 junior officers at the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) have been commissioned. The Police force is also celebrating 17th anniversary

President Paul Kagame has told Rwandans that for the country to prosper, security organs and citizens should be characterized by discipline and self-respect.

“We must be defined by values of discipline, self-respect, respect of others and hard work to develop our nation,” Kagame said as he officiated the passing out of 364 new Police cadet officers on Friday.

The President said Rwandans know their past and security has been the foundation for achievements in the past 23 years after the genocide.

“Security is foundation of progress we have achieved to date and wellbeing of our citizens.”

The cadet officers that passed out at Kigali Regional Stadium enrolled for their course on August 31 last year. 364 junior officers at the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) have been commissioned by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye.

Senior police officers read through s prospectus of commissioned cadet officers

The pass out coincided with Rwanda National Police’s 17th anniversary, which Minister Busingye said,  “is an occasion to reflect on the force’s values, mandate, achievements and lay Policing strategies.”

Established in 2000, President Kagame said Police is still young, but paid tribute to milestone achievements it has registered in upholding security.

The President however, reminded the force that for its plans to be well achieved, engaging the community is a paramount factor.

“Police cannot achieve its mission on its own, police can only succeed working in collaboration with citizens,” the President said.

“We know our past and the future we want. Let us work together to uphold national security and region.”

President Paul Kagame encouraged the force to uphold discipline and self-respect

Kagame thanked community organizations that work hand in collaboration with police to maintain security, fight crime and uphold the rule of law.

Police’s 17th anniversary was characterized by a month-long activities dubbed ‘Police week/month’ in which a number of community-support activities were conducted.

During the Police week/month, Police connected 3400 families to solar power, trained 92,000 students in fighting crimes and engaged 16,000 residents in anti-crime campaigns.

On top of these activities, the force gave 600 homes access to clean water, connected 20 remote health centres to electricity and issued health insurance to 700 residents during police month.

Of the 364 cadet officers who completed the course, 33 are women, while 20 are officers from Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS).

(l) Minister of Justice Busingye Johnston chats with (r) Emmanuel Gasana the Commissioner General of Rwanda National Police

Merging institutions to maintain security and rule of law

Meanwhile President Kagame commented on the recent changes in the Ministry of Internal security which was fully disbanded and attached to Justice Ministry.

He said that the aim was to strengthen institutions to provide both quality security and justice.

In October last year, President Kagame liquidated the Internal Security Ministry.

The reshuffle was after the cabinet in August handed over management of Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) that handles all the country’s 13 prison facilities to Ministry of Justice.

Similar changes affected the Police training college which has been elevated to operate separately.

The Police training institution became the Rwanda Law Enforcement Academy – operating under the ministry of Justice.

At the same time, government disbanded Criminal Investigations Department (CID) from Police and formed an autonomous agency – Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

Rwanda National Police is also celebrating its 17th anniversary