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Rwandan Artists, Journalists Mobilised on Child Rights Protection

by Denyse Tuyishime
11:33 am


Rwanda Journalists and artists trained on child rights protection

Rwandan journalists and artists are undergoing specialized short training on understanding the protection of children rights just as they are involved in campaigns on violence against children.

Organised by Rwanda Civil Society Human rights organizations Umbrella (CLADHO) for the Child Rights Coalition, the training has brought together 30 artists and journalists.

Organizers said, the intention is to encourage journalists and artists to use their huge audience to speak for children whose rights are being violated worldwide.

According to the recent study by CLADHO that was conducted within 15 districts, 6.5% of children between 10-15 years are involved in child labor.

“We need journalists and artists who are our estimated partners to disseminate child’s rights message in their everyday work to change people’s mindset,” Maximillien Ruzigana, Executive Secretary of Umwana Kwisonga, a non government organization  defending child’s rights under CLADHO.

Child’s rights activists explained to the participants the foundation of  Convention of the Rights of the Child made of 19 articles and the Rwandan Laws targeting children rights.

“People think that child’s protection is a government task. We need that to change and everybody to take part in it,” Ruzigana told KT Press.