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€ 95.8million Kigali Sewerage Project to Start in 2018

by Denyse Tuyishime & Daniel Sabiiti
5:29 pm

Garbage truck dumps waste at Nduba site

Kigali City is negotiating with investors interested in providing a modern centralized sewerage system and dumping site which will supply recycling plants.

A liquid waste treatment plant under the project ‘Kigali centralized sewerage system’ worth €95.8Million is to be established at Gitikinyoni, Kimisagara sector- It will manage waste from the City Centre, Muhima and Nyakabanda. Construction will begin in July 2018 and end in 2021.

The plant will be established on a surface of 3 hectares and will have capacity to process 12 cubic meters per day and will operate on solar energy.

“So far the tender is open for eligible bidders. Also a preliminary engineering design, a feasibility study and an environmental impact assessment have been conducted,” said Kanamugire Olivier, Head of Water and sanitation projects implementation at the Water and Sanitation Corporation(WASAC).

Kanamugire also said, “other phases to cover other parts of the city will be studied once the first phase is finished.”

“It may take about 20 years to cover the whole city of Kigali,” said Remy Norbert Duhuze, Director of Environmental Regulation and Pollution Control at Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA).

The second project consists of construction of a new dumping site at Ruliba, in Kigali sector-Nyarugenge district.

“Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is discussing with another investor, we hope this time it will work out,” Duhuze told KT Press.

Duhuze said that investors had previously bid to provide a dumping site with a recycling facility but their projects never materialized.

The new site is expected to be established on 25 hectares and at a cost of $12 million according to the city of Kigali.

“The new site will be environmental friendly. Organic wastes will be transformed into fertilizers,” said John Mugabo in charge of waste management in Kigali City told KT Press.

He said some waste will also be recycled into pavers.

“We have been working with 5 recycling companies. If other competitive companies show interest we will also talk to them,” Mugabo said.

As Kigali is working hard to establish a central sewerage system, the first of its kind, Rwanda is set to host the Africa Engineering Conference (AEC) 2017 under the theme “Effective Waste Management in Africa” at Kigali convention centre from 25th to 29 September 2017.

About 1,000 participants will exchange ideas and highlight issues of Solid, Liquid and Hazardous waste management, and education among others.

“The main objective of this conference therefore, is to draw attention to the current diverse challenges facing waste management in Africa,” said Bonny Rutembesa, one of the organizers.