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Mrs. Kagame Lauds Maranyundo School’s Role in Educating Girls

by Kalinda Brenda
4:51 pm

Maranyundo graduands comprised of 117 including 50 girls from ordinary level and 67 from advanced level

The First Lady Mrs. Jeanette Kagame has lauded the the role of Maranyundo Girls School in educating the girl child in Rwanda

Mrs. Kagame was Presiding over the maiden graduation of the school where she attributed  establishment of the  School to unity.

“It is the commitment of  Rwandan individuals and beyond who were pooling ideas and resources in hopes of bringing to life our vision of a successful and sustainable institution,” she said.

Mrs. Kagame said that Maranyundo is a dream come true and they will not stop their vision of offering best platforms for girls education.

Rwanda is among the countries that have prioritised girls’ education and gender equality in all fields.

“Not only do we focus on making education accessible to all primary and secondary schools but emphasise the value to a range of subjects mainly sciences,” she said.

The First Lady Mrs. Jeanette Kagame

The shared philosophy of Maranyundo Girls School and Imbuto Foundation on the importance of girls education has been able to empower a lot of girls.

Mrs. Kagame told parents at the event that they made a great choice of enrolling their children at the school.

In the past years, 40 girls from Maranyundo have been among 4,400 annually awarded by Imbuto Foundation.

“Parents whose children are here join me to appreciate Benebikira sisters who give education and discipline to our children,” she requested.

“Good education is the best inheritance we can ever give to our children for their future,” she added.

In her advice to the graduands, Mrs. Kagame said; “Be bold in choices you make, do not be afraid of making mistakes often times they teach us more about ourselves and most importantly go forth with your lives and never give up,  she said.

Sister Marie Juvenale, the headmistress of the school thanked the first lady for supporting and encouraging young girls.

“We are grateful for your support and encouragement most importantly thank you for the internet connection you’ve promised to give to the school,” she said.

In the next three years from now, Maranyundo students will be enjoying unlimited access to internet, the first lady covered it.

library and the STEM learning Centre

Aloysia Inyumba eulogised

Sister Juvenale also appreciated late Inyumba’s effort to the construction of the school.

Late Iyumba Aloysia was remembered for her struggle for girls education at the first graduation of students at Maranyundo Girls  School which she helped establish.

“She played a big role. If it wasn’t because of her I doubt Maranyundo school would have existed and her memory will live forever,” said the headmistress

Amidst the cheerful celebration, 5 top students were also awarded.

Umutoni Liliane was the best student, Gihozo Charlene was the most social, Uwera Denise was the most innovative and creative student, Mutamba Sarah was the most disciplined whereas Rangira Nina was awarded as the most active student in extracurricular activities.

The graduands promised to be good examples to their little sisters they’ve left behind.

“We will be good examples and we will not forget the memories of sisterhood we have created,” said Umutoni Liliane who spoke on behalf of the graduates. “We are also going to take part in the development of our country,” she added.

The Maranyundo graduands list comprised of 117 including 50 girls from ordinary level and 67 from advanced level.

It was a double celebration for the school was also inaugurating its library and the STEM learning Centre.

Maranyundo Girls School is a private school which also provides free education to girls with limited financial capacity to help them develop into future country’s leaders.

During the graduation, 5 top students were awarded

The First Lady guided at library and the STEM learning Centre at Maranyundo Girls School