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New Year Resolutions: No More Beer in 2018 – Senderi

by Kalinda Brenda
7:10 pm

Eric Senderi

As 2017 comes to the end, artists just like others have set New Year resolutions with hope for a better year. KT Press talked to a number of artists and below are excerpts of what they have planned for 2018.

Afro Beat artist Eric Senderi, known for amusing his fans with unanticipated comments and stage behavior has decided to drink his last glass of beer on Sunday 31st, to bid farewell to alcohol.

A hard decision to make, he says, but long overdue for a person who needs to live much longer.

Speaking to KT Press, Senderi whose latest stage name is International Hit  said he has been resisting but it is time to listen to the doctor.

“The doctor advised me to quit beer to avoid a potential diabetic crisis,” the The Nta Kashi star told KT Press.

In March 2018, Senderi will celebrate his 40th birthday, which he says, is an advanced age and ought to begin taking life seriously.

“From what I see, beer is damaging my skin. I like my life and cannot allow beer to finish me.”

Senderi presents several other reasons that are pushing him out of the bar, but among others is also that “sexual lust at time is high when you have taken a glass or two.”

Another big decision Senderi has taken is to leave behind ‘friends’ who do not add anything to his life, but rather cost him a lot.

“When I meet them, I am the only one buying beer, and when we hang out, they send all the bills to me,” said the Nta Cash star.

“For example, at a time I find myself spending Rwf 50,000 or even more.”

Senderi said that his friends range from fellow artists, promoters and even entertainment journalists.

“All of them are not bad friends, but I know whom I will show a red card,” he said.

Senderi is among several other artists that have been reflecting on a character/behavior they need to adopt to fit well in the music industry in the coming year.

Odda Paccy, the first female rapper to set foot on the Rwandan music stage said 2017 has been a year of great achievements to her in all aspects of life.

“I have achieved a lot this year but the two most important is my music projects with WASAFI records, one of the biggest records in East Africa and the completion of my residential house in Nyamata,” she told KT Press.

In 2018, Pacy wants to take care of herself so as to remain healthy and fit. The way to go, she said, is by losing weight.

The single mother today weighs 76kgs and she wants to lose at least 15 kg next year. She said it is doable because she has precedents.

“I want to be healthy and fit in the coming year. Let all my fans join me in this challenge,” she said.

Jules Sentore, a traditional singer and member of ‘Gakondo Group’ is thankful that the ending year was full of surprises, but he has a lot to do to shape his character to balance his social life and professional life.

“I want to become a better man and father to my three year old daughter.”

For Platini Nemeye, one of the Dream Boyz singers, he has an issue with time management, most especially when it comes to time he spends in bed.

“I sleep seven hours per night. I want to cut it to four. This is a world of competition and if you invest a lot in sleeping, you reap wind,” he said.

Muneza Christopher a.k.a Christopher who quit KINA Music label in the beginning of this year is now thinking twice to end a crisis that followed this decision.

“Let’s enter a new year with  a promise to work hard, good music, more concerts and consistency,” he said.

Kate Payton, a model, designer and owner of KABASH house says 2017 was a good year to her, and 2018, she said, will be even better.

“This coming year, I want to end renting on anything,” she said adding that she will start the New Year with her own sewing machines.