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Coach Nyinawumuntu Welcomes Court Ruling

by Bonnie Mugabe
6:31 pm

Coach Grace Nyinawumuntu seen managing AS Kigali Women football club last year prior to her sacking. Courtesy Photo

Coach Grace Nyinawumuntu has welcomed the court verdict which dropped sex assault allegations that led to her wrongful dismal by reigning Rwanda Women Football League champions AS Kigali Women Football club.

Last year in March, Association Sportive de Kigali Women Football Club (AS Kigali) fired Nyinawumuntu who was acting as their head coach over what they described as “indiscipline and sexual harassment,” .

Since then, there have been a series of court procedures with the Nyinawumuntu battling her formeremployer to restore her personal and family image following the sexual harassment allegations.

Last week, Nyarugenge Commercial Court ordered AS Kigali Women Football Club to pay Nyinawumuntu Rwf. 38,549,000 (USD45,176) over wrong dismissal.

Speaking after the court verdict on April 13, Nyinawumuntu welcomed the decision of the court saying, “There are people who were not happy with me and they are the ones who brought the malicious allegations.”

According to BBC, Nyinawumuntu said that she was ostracized after the sexual assault allegations, making it difficult to get other jobs.

She also denied being homosexual. “I have a husband and two children. Those reports are not true.”

Coach Grace Nyinawumuntu

She said one of her three accusers was ordered to pay her $5,000. “She was on TV making false allegations but she has now been ordered to pay me.”

The Rwf. 38,549,000 pay-off also includes her lost salary plus her legal fees, she said.

“I’m glad this matter has been resolved. I’m looking forward to move on with my life.”

“With this money I can now dream to do my own things. Maybe start a business. I would like to start another football club if I get a sponsor.” 

AS Kigali women football club president, Teddy Gacinya was never satisfied with the court ruling adding that the club will challenge the decision.

She said, “We are absolutely not satisfied with the court order, we will appeal the decision. We are already consulting our legal advisors,”

Nyinawumuntu is the first Rwandan women’s international referee and its first women’s national football coach.

Nyinawumuntu became the first Rwandan female professional football coach in 2008 after getting a Level B license certificate from Germany and is also the first Rwandan woman to become an international referee.

She also served as coach of the national women’s senior team in 2014 for two years.

Nyinawumuntu guided the City of Kigali-sponsored side to a record eight consecutive league titles, from 2009 to 2016 when she was relieved of her duties.