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RPF Announces Commencement of MP Primaries

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:35 pm

A RPF member holds party flag in past rally. Parliamentary elections will soon start and RPF members known for their enthusiasm are expected to participate massively in the elections

The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) – Inkotanyi has announced the commencement of primary elections to choose party representatives for the September Parliamentary polls.

A statement from the party secretariat says that members of the RPF Inkotanyi will converge at a designated place in their respective cells, to choose candidates for parliamentary elections that are scheduled for September 2-3.

Aimable Havugiyaremye, the head of elections in RPF says that through an indirect vote system, voters will choose two candidates including a woman and a man, at cell level.

From the cell level, the elected candidates will contest at district level where 20 candidates will be elected.

From the 20 candidates, voters will then select 4 candidates including two men and two women representatives at the national level.

The party will consider the lists from the thirty districts of the country to make the final list of the candidates for the general election of parliamentarians.

Havugiyaremye said, the elections constitute a democratic path; democracy being among the key pillars of RPF Inkotanyi.

“We are starting this process of choosing our representatives to the parliamentary elections in order to give all the party members an opportunity to show their capacity and to exercise their right,” Havugiyaremye said.

Despite being representatives of a party during elections, once in parliament, members from RPF will be servants of all Rwandan citizens without discrimination whatsoever.

“All those that will be voted for a parliamentary sit will represent the interests of all Rwandans,” Havugiyaremye said.