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‘Bannyahe’ Slam Residents Sue City of Kigali

by Oswald Niyonzima
12:11 pm

The Kangondo settlement commonly known as Bannyahe

Residents of Kangondo I & II slum of Nyarutarama Cell commonly known as Bannyahe in Remera Sector have filed a court case in contest of expropriation modalities that were proposed by Kigali City.

Complainants wish the court to rule that the city expropriates them in monetary terms, instead of relocating them to new houses.

They also suggest that the government should pay them Rwf 100 million for having unfairly engaged them into litigation.

According to a copy KT Press has seen, the case PST RAD 00020/2018/TGI/GSBO that was filed in Gasabo intermediate court on Wednesday, complainants also want Kigali city to add 5% of the total value of their properties for the discomfort they caused while bringing “inappropriate expropriation modalities and another 5% for expropriation delays.”

On top of this, they want the government to refund the lawyer Rwf5 Million.

Plans to relocate the Bannyahe residents started late last year, after an investor –   Savannah Creek Development Company which is a joint venture between Rwandan and Finish investors proposed to the City of Kigali, a plan to develop $56 million high-end residential housing project in Kangondo.

A deal was reached and it was agreed that Savannah should first build dwelling units as an alternative for the Bannyahe people.

“We shall miss this neighborhood a lot,” a tailor in Bannyahe, told KT Press just after the announcement by City of Kigali.

Pascal Nyamurinda, then Mayor of City of Kigali, said however that there were mixed reactions regarding the relocation.

“Some prefer getting expropriation cash rather than a house in the model village we are planning to build for them,” he said.

“Others will even tell you, I like this place and I would love to stay, but the government does not work like that. Kigali is developing and they must pave away for construction of houses according to the city master plan.”

In April 2018, the complainants legal attorney wrote a letter of appeal to the city of Kigali, especially Gasabo district to review their expropriation modalities or else they would be sued.

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