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RPF Selects 70 Candidates for Parliamentary Polls

by KT Press Staff Writer
3:56 pm

RPF politicasl bureau during their general assembly that approved list of candidates-July 8,2018

The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi has released a list of 70 candidates to the September parliamentary elections.

During the party’s general assembly that took place at its headquarters on Sunday, the Secretary General Francois Ngarambe read the list which includes current members of parliament and “new entrants to make the team stronger.”

The final list was made considering the one of 120 candidates who won primaries that took place across the districts of the country in June this year.

“Initially, we selected 80 candidates but we narrowed down to 70 candidates leaving the 10 slots to our allies,” Ngarambe said.

In the September Parliementary elections, RPF will have five allies including, Parti Democrate Centrist(PDI), Parti Socialist Republicain(PSR), Parti du Progres et de la Concorde(PPC), Union Democratique du Peuple Rwandais(UDPR) and the Parti de Solidarité et du Progres(PSP).

Among new entrants is Winfride Mpembyemungu, former mayor of Musanze district, Christine Murebwayire the chairperson of Chamber of Agriculture in the Private Sector Federation.

Murebwayire came to the public attention during the presidential campaigns where she was campaigning for RPF candidate-Paul Kagame.

Some common names like Eugene Barikana, Edda Mukabagwiza, Tengera Francisca, Murumunawabo Cécile, Rwaka Claver, Uwimanimpaye Jeanne d’Arc who is the current deputy speaker of lower chamber are on the list of candidates.

President Paul Kagame, the party chairman reminded members, that there is a lot to do in parliament and called for commitment to fulfill their duties once elected.

“You are going in parliament to represent Rwandans and your political party. We don’t have RPF members in parliament only. There are also other members from political parties which select them according to their principles,” Kagame said adding that the parties, once in the House work together.

He said RPF does not want anyone to be left behind-thus the sharing principle in all country’s arms.

He also reminded them to execute well the assignment of controlling and supervising the government’s activities.

The president said, they should translate theories into actions.

“When you get a seat in parliament, you should do your best to change the way of doing things, towards attainment of our goals instead of doing just as your predecessor,” he said adding that some just go to parliament to represent their own interests instead of representing the party and the country.

At the General Assembly, Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana presented what the party achieved during the last 5 years of parliement, and the plan for the next five years.

He projected that the country will achieve 100% access to clean water in the next five years, roll out a national saving scheme which will benefit the elderly and other people who do not have monthly earning.

“Government will top up on the savings of the people to improve their wealth,” Ndagijimana said.

The saving scheme, he said, will be launched before end of this year.

Members suggested that the cost of electricity should be reduced, especially for the industries.

Answering this Ndagijimana said government is working on a new tariff which would be reviewed downwards.

Rwanda Parliament consists of 106 parliamentarians including 80 elected for a 5 year term in the lower chamber and 26 senators elected for an 8 year term in the upper chamber.

The lower chamber includes 53 MPs elected in general elections, 2 representatives of the youth, 24 representing women and one representing people with disability.

In the 2013 polls, RPF won the general election of MPs with 42 seats out of 53, which represents 76.22 per cent. The party had also won the general election in 2008 with 42 seats.

Elections of 53 MPs who get seats through general elections are set on September 2 and 3 in diaspora and at home respectively.

On September 4, women representatives will vote for 24 women through all Districts and Provinces to fill the 30% quota of women representatives.

Full list

1. Izabiriza Marie Mediatrice

2. Bitunguramye Diogène

3. Murumunawabo Cecile

4. Rukumbura John

5. Mukabagwiza Edda

6. Niyitegeka Winifride

7. Mpembyemungu Winifride

8. Ndahiro Logan

9. Mbakeshimana Chantal

10. Mutesi Anita

11. Rwaka Claver

12. Habiyambere Jean Pierre Celestin

13. Nyabyenda Damien

14. Mukandera Iphigénie

15. Kanyamashuri Janvier

16. Uwimanimpaye Jeanne d’Arc

17. Uwiringiyimana Philbert

18. Rwigamba Fidèle

19. Mukobwa Justine

20. Uwamariya Rutijanwa Pelagie

21. Nyirabega Euthalie

22. Uwanyirigira Marie Florence

23. Uwamama Marie Claire

24. Kabasinga Chantal

25. Barikana Eugène

26. Karemera Francis

27. Muhongayire Christine

28. Uwamariya Odette

29. Yankurije Françoise

30. Uwezeyimana Dina

31. Bugingo Emmanuel

32. Tengera Francisca

33. Murebwayire Christine

34. Manirarora Annonce

35. Akimpaye Christine

36. Senani Benoît

37. Safari Bigumisa Theoneste

38. Mukandekezi Petronille

39. Karinijabo Barthélémy

40. Mukandamage Thacienne

41. Murara Jean Damascène

42. Ruhakana Albert

43. Murekatete Triphonie

44. Karenzi Theoneste

45. Munyaneza Omar

46. Ndoriyobijya Emmanuel

47. Karemera Emmanuel

48. Uwimpaye Celestine

49. Mukamwiza Elvanie

50. Gafaranga Egide

51. Nzeyimana Vedaste

52. Bitega Épaphrodite

53. Icyimanizanye Marie Chantal

54. Murekatete Alphonsine

55. Mujawayezu Leonie

56. Uwimana Innocent

57 Niyigaba Salvator

58. Uwimana Innocent

59. Mukasarasi Godelive

60. Karerangabo Joseph

61. Nyabyenda Emmanuel

62. Mbarushimana Hamimu

63. Mbanirema Jérôme

64. Ndagijimana Célestin

65. Mungakuzwe Yves

66. Mutamba Jeanne

67. Mukambanda Epiphanie

68. Twiringiyimana Emmanuel

69. Sebarinda Anastase

70. Mukeshimana Gloriose