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Court of Appeal to Reduce Delays in Justice Delivery – Kagame

by Dan Ngabonziza
2:22 pm

President Paul Kagame, high ranking officials and the newly sworn in judges

The newly established Court of Appeal in Rwanda reflects the country’s plan to provide quick justice, President Kagame said on Wednesday.

He was presiding over the swearing-in-ceremony of 17 Judges in the newly established Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, High Court and Commercial High Court.

The new Court of Appeal will limit the work log in the Supreme Court, cutting the time a case spends in court.

The Court will also hear proceedings in criminal matters as well as proceedings in civil matters, which are appealable.

The Supreme Court, as well as being the final court of appeal, remains the highest court in the hierarchy of judiciary in Rwanda.

Aimé Muyoboke Karimunda was sworn-in as President of the new Court of Appeal, while Marie Thérèse Mukamulisa was swon-in as his Vice President.

In the Supreme Court, former Chief Justice and Ombudsman Aloysie Cyanzayire was appointed Judge.

At the High Court, Xavier Ndahayo was sworn-in as its President while Bernadette Kanzayire, the former deputy ombudsman was sworn-in as his Vice President.

On the newly established Court of Appeal, President Kagame said that it comes in to ensure that Rwandans get justice in shortest delays.

“This court will ensure that justice is served in the shortest delays. This is what Rwandans want our justice system to be defined by. Because we know that justice delayed is justice denied,” Kagame said.

Newly sworn in judges share light moments

With its establishment, Kagame said: “The Supreme Court will now focus on upholding the Constitution and ensuring the laws of our country are in line with the Constitution.”

The President said that for the past 20 years, his government has been transforming the Justice System, and results have been impressively declared in several global reports.

“The fair justice system in Rwanda is what gives confidence to citizens and foreign investors to work knowing their rights will be respected and everyone will be held accountable by the law,” the President said.

By 2012, it took at least 66 months for a case to start being heard in the Supreme Court which has since been reduced to 20 months.

In the high court, this has dropped from 11 months to three months in the same period, as a result of judicial reforms.

Speaking while presiding over the swearing-in ceremony at the Parliamentary building in the capital Kigali, Kagame said that: “Our justice system should not be subject to corruption and the rulings of judges should not be influenced and should always be impartial.”

Below is a list of Judges who sworn-in:

Supreme Court

Ms. Cyanzayire Aloysie: Judge

Court of Appeal

Mr. Karimunda Muyoboke Aimé: President

Ms. Mukamulisa Marie Thérèse: Vice-President

Ms. Mukanyundo Patricie: Judge

Ms. Kanyange Fidelité: Judge

Ms. Mukandamage Marie Josée: Judge

Mr. Rugabirwa Ruben: Judge

Mr. Munyangeri Ngango Innocent: Judge

Mr. Gakwaya Justin: Judge

Mr. Hitiyaremye Alphonse: Judge

Mr. Ngagi Munyamfura Alphonse: Judge

Ms. Nyirandabaruta Murorunkwere Agnès: Judge

Mr. Muhumuza Richard: Judge

Mr. Kaliwabo Munyantore Charles: Judge

High Court

Mr. Ndahayo Xavier: President

Ms. Kanzayire Bernadette: Vice – President

Commercial High Court

Ms. Rutazana Angeline: Vice-President