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Greed is leading cause of divisions in local churches – NURC

by Daniel Sabiiti
6:20 pm

Bishop John Rucyahana, NURC chairperson

The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) says wrangles over material gain, and power struggles could be the underlying cause of the increase in ethnic divisions among some churches.

In a discussion on KTRadio’s current affairs programme, Rwanda Beyond The Headlines, chairman of NURC, Bishop John Rucyahana said; “it is likely that the hidden agenda are quarrels over power and material gain. They use the cover of tribes…” he said.

Following one of its regular inspections, the NURC submitted its report to the Senate, in which it sited the association of Pentecostal churches in Rwanda, for ethnic division.

The commission visits different types of institutions, including government institutions, and through a series of questions determines the degree to which those institutions are living up to their responsibilities to foster unity and reconciliation.

This latest report looked at thirty-six religious organizations, which included Methodists, and Muslims, and three of them, among others the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (ADEPR) were found to be harboring genocide ideology.

The infighting in ADEPR over financial resources, and jockeying for position is long standing, and dates back to 2010.

Rucyahana did however commend ADEPR on the way they have responded to the commission’s concerns.

“Actually they have done well in response…We may be able to share gladly their recovery from it and efforts to get out of it,” Rucyahana said.

You can follow the interview with Bishop Rucyahana, on Rwanda beyond the Headlines, which airs Sundays, 8-9pm.