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Minister Rebukes Head of Examination Centre over Sitting Arrangement

by Williams Buningwire
3:24 pm

Minister Eugene Mutimura tells the centre coordination;”Go!go!”

As National Exams for Ordinary Level and A Level start, the Ministry of Education has sent a warning that it may be tough against attempts to malpractices.

Dr. Eugene Mutimura, Minister of Education launched national exams at SOS Technical High School located at Kagugu cell, Gasabo district.

Apparently, Gerald Mbonabucya, Head of examination center at the school and all invigilators had not done proper checking in the sitting arrangement.

In the first examination room the Minister realized that some students were sitting the same Paper sat on the same desk.

“Go! Go!” the Minister rebuked as he pointed at Mbonabucya who turned who moved out immediately.

Students start reading their papers

Mutimura sent Mbonabucya out of the examination room replacing him with Bosco Nsengimana who was deputizing him at the examination center.

“Candidates are not supposed to sit at the same desk while writing same examination paper, there is no excuse because the room has enough seats. The head of examination center neglected proper sitting arrangement,”Mutimura said.

Meanwhile, three supervisors who didn’t have Supervisor Identity cards didn’t survive Mutimura’s anger either, as they were asked to go and bring them before the exams kicked-off.

Due to the opening skirmishes, exams which were supposed to start at 8:30am were pushed to 9: 00am at SOS Kagugu examination center.

Otherwise students sat their exams peacefully

The total of 153 who are sitting from SOS Kagugu examination center came from three schools including; Ecole Technique SOS Kagugu, World Vision secondary school, and APAETA school.

Candidates will sit examinations including; Electricity, accountancy, computer science, electronics and telecommunication.

The Ordinary level (O level) national examination that kicked off today has 99,288 candidates this academic year, compared to 96,288 candidates last year.

Among these 54,194 are girls while 45,094 are boys.

Advanced level also started today with a total of 46,668 candidates.

Minister Eugene Mutimura with officials at examination centre