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Muyoboke’s ‘Christmas Gift’ Goes to The Ben, Tom Close

by Andrew Shyaka
10:27 am

The Ben and Tom Close

Celebrated artists’ manager Alex Muyoboke has given his Christmas gifts in form of endorsement to two artists who whom he saw raise to to fame.

Muyoke told KT Radio’s Satoncocord that of all singers, “Singer The Ben and singer, medical doctor and writer Tom Close are the best artists I have ever managed.”

Despite having managed several music stars like Urban Boyz, Dream Boyz, social Mula, Charly na Nina, Muyoboke kept strong memories of Tom and Ben.

“Tom Close and The Ben kept the pace and are still excelling musically and as far as discipline is concerned they are still role models to the youth,” says Alex Muyoboke

However, Muyoboke did not call mediocre other artists with whom he had business partnership, he just meant, when an artist excels, “He honors my name”.

For those that go backward, he said they “discredit my efforts and reputation.”


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