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Rapper Jay Polly Reveals Lesson Learnt from Prison

by Andrew Shyaka
4:29 pm

Jay Polly at KT Radio

Local hiphop star Jay Polly real names Joshua Tushimire confesses that jail taught him to be humble at all costs and urge youth never to fall on wrong side of the laws.

The rapper who was recently released from prison after serving a six months jail term for battering his wife Sharifah shared his prison ordeal with KT Radio this Wednesday.

“First of all it was an accident that things got out of hands between me and my wife, she even pleaded with the law enforcers at the police stations but it was too late since I had already committed a crime,” says Jay Polly

He added, “It was my first time in prison but I don’t wish for anything to take me back to the pri. I am working hard to stay in line as a law abiding citizen, “he said

Jay Polly also revealed that he changed the style of his original hip hop street lyrics because he doesn’t live on the streets anymore.

“I used to write on what I could witness on the streets everyday but now my life changed, I no longer stay on the streets, why not sing about love because my kid needs it?”

On 1st January this year, Jay Polly walked out of the prison and was welcomed by wife Sharifah Uwimbabazi together with their baby in a jolly mood.

Jay Polly boosts of songs like Ni nde, Ibyiza and many others including Too much featuring various musicians like Urban Boyz, Bruce Melody and Uncke Austin.