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Japan Will Deepen Bilateral Relations with Rwanda Under Reiwa Era – Ambassador

by Daniel Sabiiti
7:33 pm

Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign affairs Richard Sezibera signing in the book destined to the emperor as the ambassador of Japan in Rwanda Takayuki Mayishita looks on

The Japanese ambassador to Rwanda has said that the Reiwa era of Emperor Naruhito will open a new chapter of deepening bilateral relations with the country and Rwanda.

The Japan ambassador to Rwanda, Takayuki Mayishita said on May 2, 2019 during an event where Japanese living in Rwanda and their friends joined the world to celebrate the enthronement of the new Japan monarch – His Majesty Emperor Naruhito.

The new Emperor was enthroned on Wednesday – May 1st 2019 after taking over to the 30-year-Heisei era reign by emeritus Emperor Akihito who abdicated on 30 April 2019.

Traditionally, the imperial era name is used in Japan to describe its monarch leadership.

Heisei is word intended to mean “peace everywhere” and the Heisei era went into effect immediately upon the day after Emperor Akihito’s succession to the throne on 7 January 1989.

Naruhito’s era has changed to the Reiwa era- which means “beautiful Harmony”.

What does this mean for Rwanda?

Ambassador Mayishita said that with the beginning of Reiwa era, he expects with a well- grounded confidence that the Japan-Rwanda bilateral cooperation will develop further.

Ambassador Mayishita said the number of Japanese companies doing business in Rwanda has been increasing since the last three years first from seven, then 24.

“I am delighted to announce that this number has gone up to 27 companies as of April this year…These companies are in various sectors including agriculture, horticulture. We are now also interesting bigger Japanese companies to come invest in Rwanda,” Mayishita said.

This new era will also come with enhancing business and technology development in launching a Rwandan made telecoms satellite dubbed “Rwasat” into the international space station, a move that was announced.

Its prototype tech was unveiled in Kigali city at Transform Africa Summit in May 2018- in which 100 Japanese companies displayed cutting edge technology.

Since then Rwanda has been working on this Space Project in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the Japan Space Agency (JAXA).

“The first Rwasat will be handed to the Japan Space Agency by the end of this month. This Rwasat-One, the largest landmark of japan-Rwanda cooperation will be transported to international space in a few months,” Mayishita revealed.

Earlier in the day Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Richard Sezibera lead Rwandans to imprint messages in the book of congratulations at the Japanese Embassy in Kigali, on the occasion of enthronement of Emperor Naruhito.

The book will be sent to the Japan Emperor, Empress, and majesties at the imperial residence in Tokyo, Japan.