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Rejected: Supreme Court Overrules Senate Nomination

by Edmund Kagire
10:33 am

Salama Uwamurera. Her candidacy was rejected

The Supreme Court has rejected the nomination of Salama Uwamurera to the country’s upper chamber of the Senate on grounds of inexperience.

Uwamurera, a member of the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), was elected by the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations (NFPO) on September 19 alongside veteran lawmaker Juvenal Nkusi to represent the political organisations in the 26-member Senate, pending approval by the Supreme Court.

On Monday, the Supreme Court did not approve Uwamurera, citing lack of experience in governance and leadership as one of the reasons.

The Executive Secretary of the political parties’ forum Oswald Burasanzwe confirmed to KT Press the development, but could not divulge more details.

“It is true but at the moment I don’t have the court decision with me to say what exactly the Supreme Court considered,” Burasanzwe said, promising to furnish KT Press with more details.

The forum is expected to convene on Thursday to elect a replacement for Uwamurera, who was working with Rusizi district at the time of her nomination.

Efforts to get a comment from Uwamurera or her party were futile. The Spokesperson of the Judiciary Harrison Mutabazi confirmed the decision but said the forum will provide more clarity on the reasons she was not approved.

“Talk to the forum. They will communicate on the matter,” Mutabazi said.

More details to follow…..