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Reggae Star Natty Dread Stings Event Organizers

by Andrew Shyaka
10:42 am

Natty Dread in KT Radio studios

Veteran reggae artist Natty Dread real name Raphael Narcisse Mitali feuds with event organizers for not respecting local artists when they bring in international stars, the fact that limits chances of sharing ideas musically.

The reggae star got bitter with event organizers while sharing the experience of how local musicians were mistreated at Lauryn Hill’s show in Kigali.

Natty Dread who claims to have lived with reggae icon Bob Marley in Jamaica disclosed the information live at KT Radio’s evening program Dunda live.

“I have travelled the world and met superstars in various festivals but I have never seen where local stars are undermined whenever there’s a big star backstage like in Rwanda. When Lauryn Hill was in Rwanda, we had a long chat since we knew each other from Jamaica but she was really hurt for not exchanging ideas with local artists,” says Natty Dread

HipHop icon Lauryn Hill performed at FESPAD live in Kigali back in 2010 and she pulled up an epic show.

Natty Dread advised event organizers to always give respect to local musicians and chance to share music experiences with foreign artists as one way to put Rwandan music on international scene.

“Let event organizers respect our local artists and give them access to share music experiences with foreign musicians. These international artists when they visit our country, they are always keen to chat with their fellow artists,” He added.

Natty Dread came in Rwanda in 1996 for the first time and quickly gained fame as a musician after redoing FPR Inkotanyi’s song Ab’ Iwacu Muraho.

The singer is blessed with seven kids living in Uganda, USA and Germany including his oldest daughter who is also a musician.

Natty also plans a comeback musically by embarking on Kigali shows and recording new music as well as distributing it on local radio stations.