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Change for Continuity As Rwanda Welcomes New Envoys

by Vincent Gasana
7:23 pm

William John CARLOS, Ambassador of Republic of Ireland with resident in Kampala – Uganda

Nine Ambassadors, and three High Commissioners today presented their letters of credence to President Paul Kagame, at State House, or as it is better known in Rwanda, Uruguwiro Village.

The majority of the twelve diplomats were replacing predecessors who had completed their term of office. One or two, like Qatar and Hungary were their countries’ first ever representatives to Rwanda.

László Eduárd Máthé, Ambassador of Republic of Hungary with Resident in Nairobi – Kenya

As each one left Urugwiro, after the formalities with the President, they headed to the gardens of Kigali Library, where the media jostled for space, to hear prepared statements from some and put questions to others.

One would expect diplomatic envoys, especially newly appointed ones, to speak enthusiastically and well of their new posting, but, there was genuine delight in being in Rwanda, especially from those who will be based in the country itself.

“We have been a close partner for Rwanda over the past twenty-five years, and we have seen our relationship develop from the very start, starting from those dark days in 1994-95, when it was all defined by humanitarian cooperation, towards a really well founded development programme with Rwanda, In sectors, such as water management, food security and justice. Now as Rwanda is progressing so much, we are moving to another phase where economic development and business opportunities are our mutual goal, and that is what I will be personally committed to over the next four years” said Ambassador Matthijs Clemens Wolters of the Netherlands.

Ambassador Dr. Thomas KURZ of the Federal Republic of Germany

Germany has an historical connection with Rwanda, and long standing relationship. The new Ambassador, Dr Thomas Kurz was clearly pleased to be continuing that relationship.

“You see in front of you, a happy man” he enthused, “is there a better chance, a better opportunity for a German diplomat than serving as Ambassador in your beautiful country of Rwanda. I am very much looking forward to getting to know as much of your country as possible, to meet as many people as I can, and be sure I will work hard on further strengthening our excellent relations…I see myself as continuity to my predecessors in the last twenty-five years, but, I myself want to set further focus on economic operation, and that means more trade and investment.”

Ambassador Matthijs Clemens WOLTERS of The Kingdom of The Netherlands

The general theme reflected Rwanda’s development from the need for humanitarian assistance during what the Netherlands Ambassador termed the dark days, to what he called a different phase of economic cooperation. It was a theme reiterated by the Irish Republic’s avuncular Ambassador, William John Carlos.

Ambassador Prof. Charity MANYERUKE of Republic of Zimbabwe

“What we want to see as we to the future, is to increase our trade relations, because that is the true manifestations of development between both countries. And it’s not about Ireland to Rwanda, it is also about Rwanda to Ireland, there is an awful lot for Rwanda to share in terms of your history in the way that you have developed and progressed in the last twenty-five years, it’s been incredible.”

High Commissioner Loh Seck TIONG of Malaysia resident in Nairobi

Amidst talk of Rwanda’s shining achievements after a difficult recent past, it was poignant to hear from the new Ambassador from South Sudan, Simon Duku Michael, who will be based in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

“We will work for the integration of East Africa” he begun, “and in particular we will learn a lot from Rwanda, how you transformed your political and economic development into this beautiful urbanisation. South Sudan has a lot to learn from you people, and you also have to learn from us.”

“As a desert boy used to the sun, when it gets too cloudy, I get a bit depressed” joked Botswana’s non resident High Commissioner to Rwanda, Gobopang Duke Lefhoko, “when I woke this morning, it was nice and bright, the President was relaxed and calming, so I enjoyed myself. We had a beautiful, brief discussion.”

“At the level of the region, we are trying to strengthen our regional cooperation between SADAC (Southern African Development Community), and the East African Community. At that level we can work on peace and mediation, because Rwanda has actually achieved a feat that has eluded many countries. In twenty-five years, you have managed to have peace, after a difficult..we have never had the difficulties you had, we have enjoyed peace since our independence…that’s something we should work closely on, to replicate in our regions” he said.

Ambassador Alex G. CHUA of Republic of Philippines resident in Nairobi

Many of the new diplomats arrived in Rwanda some time ago, a few weeks in some cases, but, until today, when they presented their credentials to the head of state, protocol dictated that they could even fly their countries’ flags on their vehicles. They could present copies of their credentials to the Foreign Affairs ministry, and attend some official functions, but, not high level meetings.

Ambassador Simon Duku Michael of Republic of South Sudan resident in Kampala

They could not for instance attend the swearing in ceremony for new ministers in Parliament, and had to send their charges d’affaires, even where the Ambassador designate was in the country. Until they had presented their letters of credence, they were for all intents and purposes, only visitors to Rwanda. Now they can visit Rwanda, with their countries’ flags flying on their cars.

Ambassador Abdulla Mohd A. Y. Al- Sayed of State of Qatar(Centre)

Ambassador Francisca Pedrós Carretero of Spain resident in Dar-es-Salam

High Commissioner Gobopang Duke Lefhoko of Republic of Botswana resident in Nairobi

Ambassador Dragan ZUPANJEVACof Republic of Serbia resident in Nairobi

Photos by Plaisir Muzogeye and more here