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Rwanda Music School to Introduce New Courses

by Gentil Gedeon Ntirenganya
3:25 pm

Graduation at Nyundo School of Art and Music

You were probably born in the 60s – 70s or way earlier, and the idea of the music you have, the best artists of your time are no longer.

The music industry in Rwanda has however resurrected and is now offering the best ever.

The Nyundo School of Music has since 2013, come to revolutionalise the industry, to provide the country with professionals who make the professional values in the same standards of other skills like construction, electricity, computer engineering and other careers that earned a living to professionals for decades.

All starts on March 10, 2014, when the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) launched the first intake with the courses of composition, singing, playing instruments, melody, music commercialization to mention but a few.

The first intake graduated in 2017 with 29 graduates and the number has now grown to 80 graduates from three intakes.

Their presence in the music scene and entertainment is an indication that the school is a successful project.

The public remembers most their performance at the Extraordinary session of the African Union General Assembly in Rwanda, July 2016.

In Rwanda’s traditional attire, the young professional artists performed the “Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together” song, which is the Union’s Anthem in six languages.

The beautiful voices of the students are still in the memories of the delegates.

The students also attend several festivals in Europe, Canada and in the region.

They represented Rwanda well and thus, attracted the attention of the music lovers who started understanding the change.

The school director Jacques Muligande mostly known as Might Popo told Kigali Today, the sister website to KT Press, that sometimes, they go to the public gathering and find entertainers who pretend to be the school graduates.

“That alone is an indication, that the public values what we are doing,” Muligande said.

Artists like Yverry, Adolphe, Igor Mabano, Symphony Band, Ignace Kalinijabo, Imirasire Band, Sebeya Band, Neema Rehema, Favor, Yvanny, Groovy Band graduated from Nyundo music school.

With their singer mates, they performed in the renowned events like Guma Guma, Iwacu Muzika Festival, Kigali Up Festival and Kigali Jazz Junction. They even served in concerts of the renowned international artists like Koffi Olomide, Davido, Diamond, to mention but a few.

The government which owns the school of recent requested that Nyundo School of music opens doors for other African countries to become an international school.

The school will soon introduce the courses of film writing and production, drama writing, dancing. That will give the school the merit to be called Rwanda School of Creative Arts and Music, instead of Nyundo School of Art and Music.