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Featured: COVID-19 Self-evaluation, Reference System in Africa Launched on StarTimes ON

by Editorial
12:10 pm

Recently, people are suggested to stay at home in case of the spreading of virus. In addition to a variety of content regarding news and education offered on their media platforms, StarTimes even launched the The COVID-19 Self-evaluation and Reference System in Africa for all people to evaluate the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus through StarTimes ON, without exposure to the possible spreading of virus outside.

Meanwhile, the evaluation can be taken as a pre-diagnosis to relieve the pressure of the medical system and the risk of cross-infection caused by gathering in public areas such as hospital. With evaluation of this system, users can get advice on whether and how to take actions afterwards such as a body check in hospital if necessary, which avoids the situation of being overstressed due to the uncertainty of their health status.

The entry of the COVID-19 Self-evaluation and Reference System is available on StarTimes ON in English, French, Portuguese, and Swahili and other languages to the public from 27 March.

The system will produce a preliminary evaluation and reference based on answers to several questions related to the current circumstances and recent experience of the user. The steps are quite easy to follow online, and the user can get informed of the result just in a few seconds after submitting all the answers.

Co-developed by African and international experts organized by Tsinghua University, Chinese Medical Doctor Association and StarTimes companies in Africa, the system provides scientific reasoning from the answers to the analysis result based on the big data collected from applied cases of over 10 million people in 19 countries and areas as well as the latest experience against COVID-19. The system has also been reviewed and approved by a panel of international authoritative experts in their respective fields before the official launching.

“As a company operating in Africa, StarTimes hopes to make full use of its own advantages to contribute to the common anti-pandemic war across the continent. We would like to make the most of our media platforms in sharing effective information and methods against the pandemic to benefit African people,” said Amy Pang, the General Manager of Product Operation Department in StarTimes.