Police Renew Warning Against Violation of Covid-19 Lockdown

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has again warned the public against acts that violate government directives meant to prevent the spread of Coronavirus(Covid-19).

Since the announcement of restrictions intended to stop spreading of Covid-19 by the Prime Minister, Police asked the public to observe the directives, some people did not fully comply.

“We see some individuals and peer groups loitering on roads, trading centers, and markets without a clear purpose,” Police wrote on Twitter.

“All these are serious violations of the government guidelines and are actions that put lives at risk. Whoever is inolved should keep in mind that they want to get infected with Covid-19 and to spread the virus. They will be examplary pubished.”

Police called for public partnership and to share information about such violations.

To report cases about acts that violate government directives on Covid-19, one can call police on 0788311020 in Kigali, 0788311151 in the Northern Province, 0788311138 in Southern Province 0788311142 in Eastern Province and 078811118 in Western Province.

The number of confirmed coronavirus positive cases in Rwamda stands at 70 people as of March 30.

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