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Rwanda Tightens Screening Measures on Arriving Travelers to Avert Coronavirus Outbreak 

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:16 pm

Rwanda has taken further preventive measures against arriving travelers in regard to coronavirus which is yet to reach the country.

The instructions that were released by the Ministry of Health on Sunday mainly inform the general public and visitors coming to Rwanda, that the country has decided to roll out screening of Coronavirus – COVID-19 at all country’s points of entry (POE).

“All travelers arriving in Rwanda at all points of entry will be screened,” reads the first point on the list.

Results of screening, will lead to further stages.

Thus, according to the communiqué, all travelers presenting one of the COVID – 19 symptoms and  coming from countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be considered suspect  cases and therefore, will be taken to isolation at nearest hospital for more investigation and laboratory testing procedures.

In case the suspected cases are tested positive, they will become confirmed and sent immediately to COVID-19 treatment centre.

Even if they test negative, the suspected cases will not just be abandoned. Suspect cases remain eligible for active follow up.

“He/she is advised to provide a full identification for continued daily monitoring at place of self-quarantine for 14 days counted from the day she left a country with confirmed COVID-19 cases.”

This point further reads that the location of suspect cases should be accessible for monitoring team of Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Centre(RBC).

The Ministry of health recommends that suspect- cases in self-quarantine should always wear masks, self-isolate from others in the same household and call 114 for further direction.

The Ministry of Health further says that any asymptomatic traveler coming from a country with confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases will be considered as at risk and will be recorded in a register and electronic tools for continued daily monitoring for 14 days counted from the day he/she left country with COVID-19 confirmed cases.

These instructions were endorsed by Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije.

They came a couple of hours after the city of Kigali suspended entertainments and big gathering in the city, in efforts to avoid outbreak of coronavirus in Rwanda.

The country is also strengthening hygiene measures in public spaces as a preventive move.

Rwanda has so far reported no case.

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