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Coronavirus: Kigali City Suspends Concerts

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:22 pm

Cecile Kayirebwa who was much expected tonight

Kigali city dwellers were warming up for two big concerts on this International Women’s Day, only to hear that the concerts and others that were in the making are suspended until further notice.

The city of Kigali referred to the communiqué that was issued by the Prime Minister on March 6,2020 to let know the general public that big entertainment events, other big gatherings like exhibitions, trade fairs and walks among others were suspended until further notice.

This intends to prevent invasion of coronavirus into Rwanda.

“Those that were given permission by the city of Kigali to conduct such events are required to abide by this communiqué,” reads part of the communiqué.

Directly affected are concerts that included cultural artists like Cecile Kayirebwa and another one of gospel artists like Israel Mbonyi at different venues, but with a huge gathering that were expected for either of them.

The organizers have been working on the invitations and promotion, but the concerts will not happen.

No such events will take place until further notice, according to city of Kigali.

The communiqué further requests churches, pubs, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and fitness venues among others, to “strengthen hygiene measures by putting in place facilities that allow washing hands, or use of other detergents.”

Wedding venues are also meant to respect this.

On March 6,2020, Prime Minister Dr Edouard Ngirente issued directives aimed at averting a possible spread of the deadly New Coronavirus as the epidemic spreads to different African countries.

“This virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It also spreads rapidly between people in close contact with one another through handshaking, or touching an infected person,” part of he directives read.

As a result, Rwandans have been urged to, among others, avoid shaking hands or hugging, not travelling to affected countries.

The Premier said the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions will continue to work on adequate strategies in the prevention and fight against this epidemic.

On the same day, the cabinet meeting directed that the Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of Health and Security organs are leading effort to avoid any potential spread of the coronavirus in Rwanda.

They warned the public against attending unnecessarily gatherings.

In public places, handwashing facilities and detergents are now available, and the public is becoming more and more conscious.

Despite the hugging culture, people are now hesitating to shake hands, which is the least in Rwanda’s form of greetings.

Meanwhile, worldwide, as of March 7,2020, China reported the biggest number of cases, with 80,814 confirmed cases and 3,099 deaths.

South Korea follows with 7,041 reported cases and 44 deaths while Italy comes on third position with         5,883 reported cases and 233 deaths.

In Africa, 17 cases were reported in Algeria and 14 in Egypt.

Senegal reported 4 cases and Morocco 2.

Other African countries including: Nigeria, Tunisia, South Africa and Cameroon reported one case of coronavirus.

Elsewhere, the ‘Holy Land’, Vatican City has now registered one case of coronavirus in a total of 76 countries already affected.

No death has been registered in Africa.

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