You are Violating Directives – Rwanda Police on People Conducting Sports Outside

Sport was allowed until March 21, but movements outside homes were restricted for a genuine reason – fighting Covid-19

All people are meant to stay at home, irrespective of their age and social status, unless they are going to shop for family survival or any other important duty that never waits, all in the interest of staying safe against Coronavirus.

However, it came to the attention of Rwanda National Police that some people are taking the lux to conduct sport activities utside their compound

“People conducting sport activities outside their homes are violating government directives on prevention of Coronavirus spread,”Police Spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera said.

Rwanda is enforcing the implementation of movement restrictions among others, to avoid more spread of Covid-19 where 41 cases were confirmed until March 25.

Cases of violations are numerous sending a warning among health officials that cases could keep increasing, which would even give them much more work.

Most restrictions have been given an initial 14 day period susceptible to be increased. Community behavior will dictate in all this because the more cases, the more restrictions, the lesser cases, the more loosening.


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