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COVID-19: Rwanda Cases Up By 7, Hit 82 In Total  

by Edmund Kagire
8:48 pm

The number of New Coronavirus cases in Rwanda on Wednesday surged to 82 after the Ministry of Health announced 7 new additional cases of people who tested positive. 

An update issued by the Ministry on Wednesday evening indicated that 7 more people had tested positive, including one person who arrived from Dubai, another from United Kingdom, two individuals who frequently traveled in the region and three people who got in contact with a previously confirmed case tested positive. 

The new cases followed another 5 cases announced on Tuesday as the Ministry of Health says testing continues, mainly of quarantined travelers and contacts of previously confirmed cases. 

The Ministry said the tracing of all possible contacts has been done and are undergoing management.

 “All patients are under treatment in stable condition in an isolated health facility. The majority    are asymptomatic, and no patient is in critical condition. The tracing of all contacts has been conducted for further management,” the Ministry said in the daily update.

 The statement further said that heightened vigilance continues to be required. The enhanced prevention measures announced by the Government of Rwanda must be rigorously observed. 

As of Wednesday, Rwandans continue to observe restricted movements as per the government directives, with the Ministry of Health emphasizing that non-essential businesses must remain closed, travel between cities and district suspended and non-essential movements outside the home restricted as part of the measures to curb the spread.

 It is not yet clear if the lockdown will be extended to further control the spread of the virus which has continued to kill more people across the globe.

 By press time, 46, 063 deaths had been recorded across the globe and 918,126 infected with numbers surging in the U.S, UK and Spain.

 Rwanda has so far registered no death and the first fully recovered patients are expected to be released this week.

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