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Igor Mabano  to Release His Maiden Album Next Month

by Andrew Shyaka
6:09 pm

Upcoming R&B singer Igor Mabano got tired of the lockdown and decided to release his maiden album online to save fans from waiting too long.

The much-anticipated album launch was slated to take place on 21st March, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all concerts were shut down.

The release of the album online will take place on 1st June and he will be flanked by Kina music artists.

Speaking to KT Press, Igor Mabano revealed that he couldn’t keep on holding a fully done album, yet his fans want something new to keep them busy through the lockdown.

“I have decided to release the album via social media for my fans to buy music online and enjoy beating this lockdown. The release of the album might come with a show but it won’t be exactly a launch because I am planning to do that if the lockdown is over,” says Igor Mabano.

The singer also admitted that the lockdown changed his plans and the way he had anticipated it to be. Igor had planned to cheer up the crowd on stage face to face but due to the virus, he has nothing to do apart from dancing the same tune. On social media shows.

The Gake hitmaker is one of the finest music stars produced by Nyundo School of music, which he joined through a music competition in 2012 organized by WDA (Workforce Development Authority).

The singer juggles music with teaching at his former school as well as producing music at Kina Music record label.