Breaking: RIB Investigating Ingabire’s Links to Terror Groups

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau(RIB) is currently conducting a search in the home of politician Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire. The search is aimed at facilitating ongoing investigations on her involvement with armed terror groups operating outside Rwanda according to Marie Michelle Umuhoza, RIB spokesperson.

“It is true, we are searching for her home based on the leads we got from an individual identified as Munyabugingo Gaston, who was arrested attempting to flee the country. He revealed a lot during interrogation, involving Ingabire and many other people,” Marie Michelle Umuhoza, said.

“As you might be aware she has been under investigation the search is part of the process. Sometimes searching an individual’s home is done where necessary to facilitate an ongoing investigation, which is what we are doing. There are many more people involved.”

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