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Singer Christopher Ventures Into Farming

by Andrew Shyaka
3:21 pm

Local pop star Christopher Muneza commonly known on stage as Christopher joins the agriculture sector and he is into growing G-nuts.

Corona pandemic hit hard entertainment industry and most of the artists are trying other alternatives to keep food on the table at a time when concerts are on hold.

The lockdown gave apple time to Christopher to make use of parent’s land together with his cousin to start growing G-nuts in bulk and sell them after harvesting.

“The idea came after realizing that our family land which is very big had nothing profitable it, so I and my cousin laid out a business plan to start using it to generate income, that’s when we decided on growing G-nuts on a large scale and later wholesale them after harvesting,” says Christopher.

Christopher also revealed that, the new business won’t affect in anyway his music career. In fact, he is super excited to have something to earn him extra cash on top of making music.

“Farming will not slowdown or hinder in anyway my music career. Am even happy to start something to earn me extra income apart from music as you see, the industry is on standstill due to corona pandemic,” he said.

Christopher joins other musicians like King James who recently opened a maize flour factory on top of running various other business like a supermarket.

The singer has gained thousands of fans not only in Rwanda, but also in other parts of the world through the years due to his skills when it comes to making love songs.

The singer also has a brand new release love song dubbed Ibanga which is meant to keep his fans hooked as he works on a new album.

The Uwo munsi hit maker raised to stardom when he won a talent show organized by Kina music label around 2011, which saw him sign into the music label until he parted ways with the label in 2016.

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