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Sponsored: Cbeebies Launches On Startimes Across Africa From 1st July 2020

by StarTimes
9:26 pm

From the 1st July 2020, BBC Studios’ critically acclaimed and multi-award winning pre-school children’s channel was launched on the StarTimes DTH platform across the Africa continent. Loved by children and trusted by parents across the globe, the channel provides a safe environment for children aged 0-6 with educational and entertaining programming to support their development. 

The channel is scheduled to reflect the needs of a preschooler throughout their day. Early morning shows help them prepare for an adventurous day, late morning and lunchtime shows focus on learning for the youngest viewers not yet at preschool, followed by entertainment shows for older children and evenings dedicated to calming and soothing shows that encourage them to prepare for bedtime.

The world of CBeebies is full of colour, stories, discoveries and laughter, while friendly characters – like those in Charlie and Lola or Teletubbies – help the children develop their imagination. Mister Maker provides the young viewers with ideas for excellent, creative games they can easily keep on playing when the TV is off. Programmes like Hey Duggee, Go Jetters! or In the Night Garden help children develop empathy, understand various types of relationships, they teach openness to the world and boost their problem-solving skills. They make viewers sensitive not only to other people, but also to animals and the environment around them.

StarTimes customers will soon be able to enjoy the likes of:

Hey, Duggee!

Duggee is a big lovable dog who runs a club for pre-schoolers that inspires children to have fun, be energetic, and – most of all – to do things! Each episode of this colourful, entertaining and occasionally surreal animated series starts with Duggee welcoming the Squirrels, a bunch of curious little characters who are dropped off at the club by their parents. 

That marks the start of laughter and learning as they discover new things about the world around them, all under the patient guidance of Duggee.

Their often comic and slapstick adventures captivate young viewers and encourage them to actively solve a problem by moving, jumping, running and skipping. Duggee always rewards the club members with a squirrel activity badge, which they proudly show to their parents as they pick them up at the end of each show.

The BAFTA and International Emmy award-winning program helps children develop empathy and understand various types of relationships, teaches to be open to the world and develops the ability to solve problems. It is perceived as stereotypes breaking – the guardian of the children is male, and parents of animals do not always represent the same species as their children, which can increase children’s openness to diversity. 

Taking care of pre-schoolers and accompanying them in their adventures, Duggee teaches respect for others and teamwork.

Go Jetters!

Go Jetters! follows the adventures of four plucky heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn, a funky disco-grooving unicorn.

The Go Jetters are all students of the Go Jet Academy and are undertaking the final part of their geographical training – the field trip. Their assignment is to learn about the many fascinating landmarks that adorn our world. However, due to the meddling of failed student Grandmaster Glitch, their assignment quickly turns into a mission to save the landmarks and to restore them to their former glory. Our superheroes will visit amazing places such as Sahara Desert, Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, Grand Canyon, Sydney Opera House, as well as our native Wieliczka Salt Mine. 

Go Jetters! meets children’s’ need for freedom, independence and exploring the world. Every day with them is an adventure.

Sarah and Duck

Sarah and Duck live in a small village, in a small house, with a small wonky garden path and a red front door. Together they go on adventures, sometimes with unexpected outcomes, finding out about their everyday world and always adding a touch of quirkiness along the way. Sarah is seven years old and Duck is her quacky, flappy best friend. Each animated episode is told from Sarah’s point of view, though The Narrator sometimes joins in the adventures and will help out too. Sarah and Duck often work together to come up with solutions to problems, with Duck more impatient and Sarah following her instincts.

In each episode, Sarah and Duck use their imagination, ask questions, help each other, solve tasks, learn new things and make each other laugh. Their gentle and affectionate friendship is a great example for small children, how important friends are and how to treat them. In contrast, Narrator’s patience for Sara and the understanding that Sarah and Duck show themselves is an example for adults how to deal with children and how to listen to the curious, constantly asking questions and constantly amazed pre-schoolers.

In the Night Garden 

This show of Teletubies creators that appeals to very young children.  It follows a cast of loveable, funny characters as they play together in a magical forest. Each half hour episode is filmed in a real wood and uses computer animation techniques to create bright and engaging storylines. 

Tombliboos live in a perfect world without worries. They care about themselves and radiate positive energy. Small viewers fall in love with the characters, words, colors and rhythms that effectively focus their attention. With the help of songs and dance, the program urges young viewers to participate.

“In the night garden” is perceived by parents as ideal before bedtime, they believe that it has a soothing and relaxing effect on their children. At the end of each episode, all characters calm down to relax after a full day. Parents appreciate the warm relationships between characters, creativity and carefree time in natural, forest scenery.

In the Night Garden helps children improve their memory by remembering the names of the characters and their characteristics, and engage in music and dance by imitating the habits of the main characters.

Mister Maker 

Mister Maker is an arts and crafts programme for children aged four to six. It’s fast, funny and full of easy-to-copy activities. The presenter is a performance artist who creates lots of different pictures and sculptures, using everything from recycled washing-up bottles to leaves and twigs. Each episode showcases a minute make, where Mr Mister Maker has to beat the clock to finish a work of art. He also creates a huge picture in the studio using real children. The show mixes live action with animation to bring the world of art to life. 

Mister Maker helps children discover passion for arts and crafts. Triggers the imagination to find ways to do new things out of ordinary objects. Teaches various artistic techniques and terminology, distinguishing shapes and colours.

The program is a great inspiration for independent play. It provides many ideas for developing activities that can easily be continued when TV sat is switched off. Importantly, Mister Maker does not forget about such important aspects of fun as safety and the need to clean up the creative space after the fun.