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You Are Ignoring Young Talents – Muyoboke to Events Organisers 

by Andrew Shyaka
9:38 pm

Celebrated artiste manager Alex Muyoboke calls up corporate companies and event organizers who frequently give out contracts worth millions to established musicians to also consider new faces.

Muyoboke felt for upcoming musicians pointing fingers to big festivals always organised in the name of helping out artistes, multi-million companies that use famous faces and go around boasting of supporting the industry while turning a blind eye to young artistes.

Speaking live on KT Radio, Muyoboke said that it doesn’t make sense when you support established artists while leaving out the young ones who are struggling to even put food on the table.

“I know companies want to use famous faces but in times like these, they should also consider fresh artistes because they are the most affected,” says Alex Muyoboke.

“ I am aware that the government raised millions of money to support the art industry, but all I see is the same faces that have been earning a lot through the years that are benefiting in spite of upcoming artists.” 

Alex Muyoboke for years has scouted and nurtured local music talents. He as well served as a bridge linking up Rwandan artists to foreign music stars.

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