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Everything I Own Today Is from Music – Butera Knowless

by Andrew Shyaka
1:01 pm

Diva Knowless Butera confessed that, everything she has today came from music as a proffesion including the husband and kids.

The songstress disclosed the information while premiering her new song dubbed ‘Papa’ talking about people who run away from family responsibilities after engaging into unplanned sexual intercourse.

“I started doing music while still young before I did any kind of job, so all I have today comes from music and every bill I paid in my life is because of music,” says Knowless.

She went ahead to break the good news to her fans and told them how she and husband Clement Ishimwe welcomed a bouncing  second baby girl recently called Ishimwe Inzora meaning (A full moon) Butera.

Early December 2020, news circulated in tabloids claiming the songbird to have given birth but the husband while speaking to KT Press denied it.

Diva Knowless Butera and her hubby/producer and manager Clement Ishimwe tied a knot late in 2016 in a luxurious wedding that was graced by many celebrities and politicians.

Producer Clement gloomed Knowless from scratches to riches and currently, she is one of the top selling female musicians across the region.

She owns several properties around Kigali city including a mansion, several cars and land titles registered under her names which she attributes it all from music proceedings.

The couple was blessed with a baby girl on 22nd November 2016 few weeks after the wedding and still remains one of the great examples of celebrity couples in the country living in harmony despite living in a lime light life.

Butera Knowless hails from Kina Music label owned by her husband Clement Ishimwe, who also acts as her manager and producer.

Knowless officially joined Kina Music late 2012 and ever since then, Clement Ishimwe has done a great job to make her a great singer in every angle.

She started scooping awards, multi-million commercials, selling out concerts and collaborating with regional established artists under Kina Music label which earned her a seat of a diva in local music industry.

She’s famous for paving way to young girls with music talent and that’s why most of people refer to her as their diva due to the impact and bars she has set in the course of her music career.

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