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Court Finds Rusesabagina’s Objection Around His Arrest Baseless

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:35 pm

Rusesabagina and his lawyer Felix Rudakemwa in court-March 5

The High Court chamber for International and Crossborder Crimes has found an objection of Hotel Rwanda ‘Hero’ Paul Rusesabagina around his arrest groundless.

Rusesabagina is in court over crimes that were committed on Rwandan soil with 20 co-accused. He is suspected to be the leader of a terror organization MRCD-FLN that killed innocent civilians in Western and Southern Province respectively, incidents that mainly happened in 2018.

On March 5,2021, Rusesabagina, accompanied with lawyer Felix Rudakemwa told the court that he was illegally arrested because he was “kidnapped”.

He said he should be released and his case nullified.

The prosecution brought in a witness, Bishop Constantin Niyomwungere who narrated to court how he succesfully brought the suspect all the way from Dubai as they dismissed Rusesabagina’s allegation.

This afternoon, the court ruled that Rusesabagina should remain in jail as the trial goes on from March 11.

The court found that Rusesabagina was duped when he willingly boarded an airplane in Dubai but found himself at a destination he had not planned.

Basing on jurisprudence and professional legal authors, the court ruled that a suspect who is pursued on serious crimes like terrorism should be tried in the court of law no matter how he/she was arrested.

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