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LFA Changes to NABU Global Inc

by Andrew Shyaka
4:19 pm

Tanyella Evans, NABU Executive Director and co-creator at NABU launch at Kigali Convention Center, Nov 2019

NABU Global Inc (NABU), a leading publisher of multilingual children’s books operating in Rwanda, has officially changed its legal status to fit with its mission to enable all children to read and realize their full potential.

NABU was launched in Rwanda early 2018 with the aim of equipping children with reading skills and raise their full potential towards teaching themselves by easily accessing books online.

The non-profit organization has been helpful during the COVID-19 lockdown for school children to access story and play books, study using phones or computer based technology in order to improve their reading skills and knowledge despite being indoors.

Speaking to KT Press, the Managing Director of NABU Global Inc Rwanda, Amos Furaha explained the reason why they opted to change the name and what it will add on education system in Rwanda. 

Furaha said there has been change in providing digital library services to adding components of engagement learning campaigns to increase literacy levels and reading culture in Rwanda. 

“We also added content creation as a big component of learning, which is now focusing on creating books for kindergarten to Primary 3,” he said. 

“These are important books needed in the industry and we noticed the gap, so our organization is focusing on three things which are: content creation, content distribution through our platform and then engagements or working with our partners to increase the culture and the promotion of reading as well”. 

With these changes, Furaha said that’s the reason why the organization changed its name to align with new values, work and growth of a new brand to be associated with all the products.

NABU commenced its operations in Rwanda in 2015 on the invitation of Imbuto Foundation and it held an official launch on 15th November 2019, at the Kigali Convention Centre.

Since its launch, it has become the fastest growing educational mobile application in Rwanda, with over 85,000 downloads in 24 months and 10,000 children reading every day.

NABU Global Inc (NABU) is a non-profit organization, headquartered in New York USA with a mission to solve the imbalance in children’s book creation and distribution, so all children can read and rise to their full potential. 

NABU is a leading publisher of multilingual children’s books and its award-winning technology democratizes access to books, and accelerates literacy by inspiring children through a love of reading in their mother tongue.

The organization’s name “NABU” comes from an ancient symbol of literacy, knowledge, and wisdom, and represents an ambition to make literacy open and unbound for all.

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