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Are We Living An Era of Indiscipline At School?

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:22 pm

Félicien Habarurema, a teacher who was wounded by students

On June 5, 2021 in Nyabihu district, Western province students entered Rega High school compound while drunk and started throwing stones on the class roof as one teacher Félicien Habarurema was in Senior two classroom conducting a mathematics lesson.

Habarurema got out of class to stop them from stoning, students stoned him in the face injuring him on the forehead.

“There were three senior students. They entered school when they were drunk and started stoning, they threw many stones and one injured me,” Habarurema said, adding that it was not the first time these students came to school while drunk.

Jean Marie Vianney Uwimana, the school headteacher said that all the three students were Investigated and detained by Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

REGA case came following several others including a case reported at Groupe Scolaire Kabusunzu located in Nyarugenge district.

On 31 May 2021, teachers at Groupe Scolaire Kabusunzu wrote a letter to Francoise Uwimabazi, the headteacher, informing her to take action against students who drink alcohol and smoke behind classrooms.

Responding to their letter, Uwimbazi requested teachers to be patient as the action against these unruly students will be taken at the end of the term.

 According to Uwimbabazi, she had already reported the case of unruly students to the sector and district officers and the solution was still being discussed through the officials and Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA).

The teacher whose names are held on request said that these students drink and smoke behind classrooms and have also attempted to kiss female teachers.

Other indiscpline cases were reported in the College de Bethel (APARUDE) school located in Ruhango district, Southern Province where students threw stones at the headteacher.

Other notable indiscipline case was reported at Gakoni Adventists college located in the Eastern Province where the school was closed following strikes on 7 February this year.

Following the strike, 9 male students and 7 females were arrested at Kiramuruzi police station in the Gatsibo district. 

“We have heard several cases of students physically harassing teachers; it is punishable whether at school or not. It is unacceptable. The internal school rules suggest punishment for unruly students, suspensions are also acceptable,” Said Gaspard Twagirayezu, state Minister for Primary and Secondary Education. 

According to Ministerial Order N° 004/2016 of 08/01/2016, each student must abstain from any of the following specific acts relating to a crime, like use and consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and any other thing that may damage health.

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