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No Wedding Plans – Nizzo 

by Andrew Shyaka
1:46 pm

Urban Boyz singer Ahmed Nshimiyimana alias Nizzo refuted reports of wedding and confessed that he can’t have a wedding without even a girlfriend at the moment.

The rumor of Nizzo planning a wedding has been doing rounds on social media and in tabloids since 2020, some even alleged that he had a secret wedding with a girl living in China, but the singer vehemently denied it.

While appearing live at KT Radio’s evening program dubbed #Dundashow, the singer cleared the air.

“Let me address this issue, I have never been married nor planning a wedding as some tabloids have been spreading the rumor. How can I plan a wedding when I don’t even have a girlfriend? If I happen to get one I will definitely communicate,” says Nizzo.

Nizzo who is famous for his flamboyant life has been linked to several city females including emcee Anita Pendo and faded singer and socialite Sacha Kate.

The singer revealed that he is currently more engaged in various music projects including Urban Boyz upcoming new album and he doesn’t have yet time to focus on a relationship.

Nizzo’s music partner Humble Gizzo is happily married, the fact that makes fans keep on pressing Nizzo to settle down like his bandmate.

Currently he has a new song dubbed Fine featuring singers Peace Jolis and Social Mula enjoying massive local airwaves.

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