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Rwanda: Authorized Churches Allowed to “Pray Without Ceasing” Again

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:08 am

The Ministry of Local Government(MINALOC) has allowed authorized churches to gather for fellowship services for as much as every day, provided observance of COVID-19 preventive measures.

A short communication from MINALOC reads that the decision was taken after several requests from the Catholic Church and the Muslim community of Rwanda.

“After receiving a request of the Muslim Community and the leaders of Catholic Church of Rwanda while asking to be allowed to gather for prayer every day as they used to [before COVID-19], after concertation, we would like to inform them that they are allowed to gather for prayer every day in observance of COVID-19 preventive measures,” the Ministry said in a tweet tonight.

The Ministry further clarified: “other churches that gather during weekdays are also allowed to fellowship while observing COVID-19 preventive measures.”

The message was clear that this program applies “only for churches that were authorized to gather and which fulfill the requirements.”

In Rwanda, win of a battle to prevent more spread of COVID-19 is a dream that may soon come true.

One week ago, the cabinet allowed bars to reopen after one year and a half of closure.

The Rwanda Biomedical Centre(RBC) hastened a test through the bars on Saturday where 672 staff and clients of bars who were tested, none tested positive of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, 2,129,716 people had received the first jab of COVID-19, while 1,679,474 received the second and last jab.

The number of new infections is also declining where for example City of Kigali recorded the highest number with 19 people on October 2.

There were no case reported in nearly 15 districts out of 30 districts of the country.



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