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The Triumph of Hutu-Power Tropical Nazism

by Chris Harahagazwe
12:22 pm

Charles Onana, a genocide denier

Former French president François Mitterrand couldn’t have put it more bluntly: “Genocide in Africa is not a serious thing.” Or quoted verbatim : “Dans ces pays-là, un génocide n’est pas trop important.” Almost 30 years after the crime against humanity that slaughtered one million Rwandan Tutsi, women and children, the onslaught against survivors and the leadership that miraculously stopped the genocide is unprecedented.

Genocidaires, deniers and apologists are having a field publishing books, articles in major newspapers, holding international conferences, and above all spewing the venom of hate via social media that poison the minds of the youths in the diaspora and all over the world in readiness for yet another genocide.

To put things in perspective, one must imagine for a moment if the defeated Nazis had been allowed to settle all over Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa etc to carry on with their hate for the Jews through electronic media, print and books.

It’s inconceivable for the Nazis but allowed for the masterminds, apologists and executioners of the genocide against the Tutsi. Imagine a minute if the Nazis had been allowed to scatter all over the world to taunt the victims that they got what they deserved and they even participated in their own extermination.

The burly African anchor of the French YouTube Channel “Le Media”, Théophile Kouamouo, couldn’t believe his eyes and ears when he interviewed author Judy Rever who has specialised in attacks and defamation of Rwandan leadership:

  • Do you really believe the Tutsi killed themselves and exterminated their own?
  • Yes, replied Judi Rever. I got the information from RPF dissidents themselves.

While Europe swore to NEVER AGAIN following the extermination of the Jews, as President François Mitterrand put it, in Africa, genocide doesn’t matter.  Whereas German Nazism was outlawed immediately after its military defeat, the tropical Nazism is legitimised and given leeway to prepare for the next genocide.

Hutu-Power propaganda machine

Whenever I come across on social media Hutu-Power propaganda and hate mongering, I feel compelled to comment and challenge them as I did when the new denialist in chief, Charles Onana who is fast becoming the greatest replacement of pro-Hutu-Power activist par excellence Filip Reyntjens and Catholic missionary Father Guy Theunis. I posted the following commentary to YouTube channels that hosted Charles Onana to convey his denialist propaganda:

“Charles Onana eloquently illustrates the claim that genocidaires always kill twice: physical death and genocide denial. A specialist on Africa perhaps more qualified than Onana, the Belgian journalist Colette Braeckmann has proved that it was the Rwandan Hutu extremists, not RPF leadership, who shot down President Habyarimana’s plane because they refused the Arusha peace agreement that Habyarimana had just accepted in Dar es Salaam.

 It’s French historian Jean-Pierre Chrétien, who called the genocidal ideology of Hutu-Power: tropical Nazism. While German Nazism was crushed forever by allied US-British forces and above all by the merciless Soviet army, the Hutu-Power tropical Nazism is on a rampage all over the world and continuing its evil. Since its invention in 1959 and its export to Burundi in 1965 and the DRC in 1994, the Hutu_Power tropical Nazism has killed 2 million Rwandans, 1 million Burundians and hundreds of thousands of Congolese. Those who support the genocidaires, deniers and apologists around the world are playing with fire because they will again massacre innocent women and children and set the entire Great Lakes region on fire all over again. The Tutsis of the Great Lakes have been massacred since 1959, there was no plane shot down. The genocidal ideology of Hutu-Power, this tropical Nazism is sufficient per se, it does not need a trigger to slaughter innocent women and children”.

 The author is a Burundian Human Rights activist based in Nairobi-Kenya


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