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Rwanda to Achieve 60% Digital Literacy Among Adults Before 2025

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:58 pm

President Paul Kagame

President Paul Kagame has shared clear targets that Rwanda has set to achieve to lead the way in digital literacy.

The President, at the 21st Comesa Heads of State and Government summit, presented country’s ambitious plan as he called for countries to foster digital literacy.

“In Rwanda, we are prioritizing digital economic integration and working to achieve a 60% digital literacy rate for adults in 2024,” Kagame said.

To this effect, the president recommended combined efforts among Comesa partner states which can act as catalyst towards Africa’s digital integration.

He further recommended implementation of policies which can enable access to affordable, transparent and secure platforms for digital cross border payments for small and medium sized enterprises.

Kagame indicated that in this context, Comesa business council through Digital Financial Inclusion Programme has already started leading the way.

“They have our support,” Kagame said.

The President is of a view that Africa integration agenda will be achieved by continuing to put stability at the forefront of our continent’s growth and development.

Meanwhile President Kagame congratulated the outgoing chairperson of Comesa Andry Rajaolina of Madagascar and the incoming chairperson Abdel Fata El Sisi of Egypt.

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