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Team Shyaka Win Trophy of BK ALL STAR GAME 2021

by Amon Nuwamanya
1:41 pm

Team Shyaka

Yesterday’s Evening Rwanda basketball federation ended their annual sports calendar with All Star Game that rewarded to team Shyaka after a flesh win of 77 points against 73 of their Opponent Team Ndizeye.

It was a game that started with a lot of energy on both sides in front of the fans who had come to watch the game.

Ndayisaba’s coach Mr Mwinuka Henry had made the first choice on the pitch: Nijimbere Guibert, Niyonkuru Pascar, Kaje Elie, Ndizeye Dieudonne and Nyamwasa Bruno. Shyaka team’s coach Mr Benson Besige had chosen: Sangwe Armel, Sagamba Sedar, Shyaka Olivier, Wamukota Bush and Nshobozwabyosenumukiza.

The first quarter ended with the Nshyaka team leading by 29 points out of 13 for the Ndizeye team, while the second quarter also ended with the leading of team Nshyaka  as well as they went in the game break  with 44 points out of 37 of team Ndayisaba.

Shyaka in action

The second half started again with more effort to team Shyaka wants to continue to put in the difference to the opponent,  with the help of its players like Wamukota and Nshobozwabyose as it came to an end of third quarter with anotherwin of 59 points to 48 of team Ndizey.  With the help of their captain Ndiyeze Dieudonne they came up to the score and took the lead in the middle and the fourth quarter ended with draw of 68 to 68. As in basketball must be when the teams equalized, they decided to add 5 minutes on the game  and the extra minutes ended with the Win of Team Shyaka. The game ended with defeat of Team Ndayisaba by a score of 77 to 73.

As we told you in our story, both teams had agreed that the winning team will reward the prize to disabled ex-player of Kigali  basketball Club’s Rwampungu Meshak.

For the other individual awards, Nkundwa Thierry, who is currently playing for APR BBC, rewarded as the top scorer in the Dunk contest while Ndizeye Dieudonne wins the top prize of the 3 points contest,Wamukota Bush from team Shyaka rewarded the prize of MVP of the BK ALL STAR GAME 2021. all of which have been awarded five hundred thousand each.

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