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Gen. Muhoozi Says RNC Criminal Activities in Uganda Nearly Led Rwanda, Uganda To a ‘Stupid War’

by Edmund Kagire
2:31 pm

Gen. Muhoozi traveled to Kigali on January 22 to meet President Kagame with whom he discussed steps to restore bilateral ties between Rwanda and Uganda.

Uganda’s Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba on Saturday said the activities of terror outfit Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in his country nearly led Rwanda and Uganda to a ‘stupid war’, warning the subversive group to stop their adventure in the East African nation.

Gen. Muhoozi, a Senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Special Operations and the Commander of Uganda’s Land Forces, who since the beginning of the year has been leading his country’s efforts to normalise relations with Rwanda, for the first time admitted to RNC carrying out activities aimed at stabilizing Rwanda, and vowed to bring them to a halt.

“General Kayumba and RNC, I don’t know what problems you had in Rwanda with the mainstream RPF/RDF? But I warn you not to dare use my country for your adventures!” Gen. Muhoozi tweeted, sharing a picture of President Paul Kagame.

“This is not about political points. I have no interest in politics. The illegal and criminal activities of RNC in Uganda in the past were driving us to a stupid war! All those who were involved in that deceitful enterprise will be found out!”.


Rwanda has in the recent years accused Uganda of not only allowing subversive groups fighting the Government of Rwanda to operate on her territory but also backing the likes of RNC. Kigali further maintains that some high-ranking government and military officials operate in cahoots with the said groups while members of the said groups were issued with travel documents.

The issue has been one of the pressing ones that led to the breakdown in bilateral relations between the two countries. Following the visit of Gen. Muhoozi in January, ties between Rwanda and Uganda have been thawing, both sides agreeing to address outstanding issues.

On February 8, President Kagame said that while practical steps had been taken to normalize relations, including the reopening of the Gatuna One Stop Border Post, which Rwanda agreed to, several issues that led to the breakdown of ties, such the persecution of Rwandans inside Uganda and presence of anti-Rwandan subversive groups, still remain in place.


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