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“I Like It This Way” President Kagame On A Gratifying Morning’s Work

by Vincent Gasana
6:55 pm

The government of Rwanda is consistently ranked among the top ten most efficient governments in the world, by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Such achievements do not come serendipitously. Thanks to the existence of twitter, we can get a glimpse into the mindset that drives these attainments, in President Kagame’s tweet about his morning’s work today.

“I had a brief but very productive working visit with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi today, morning. Now back home! I like it this way-1hr to N’bi 1hr back to Kgl. 1hr discussion, 1hr from to S/H and back to a/port. A lot was covered!!!”

The tweet is written with such immediacy, the gratification is palpable. It smiles with contentment, but is also perhaps a little rueful, why cannot all days be like this, it seems to ask. 

We get an impression of someone who likes to get things done, and delights in the days when the day’s to do list goes according to plan, and “a lot is covered” or a lot is ticked off. 

It is not much of a stretch to imagine how a nation led by such a person, consistently comes at the top of the list of efficient, effective governments. 

Even from the general statement to the media, it is clear that it was indeed a productive meeting, packed with weighty issues, ranging from bilateral relations between Kenya and Rwanda, looking for solutions to conflicts in the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, and the two Sudans, north and south, trade, transport links, and of course that reopening of the Gatuna one stop border post. All in a morning’s meeting. 

Some may of course raise the issue of airmiles, and their deleterious effect on global warming. There are times however, when zoom will not suffice, and face to face meetings are essential.

And besides President Kagame can justifiably point to Rwanda being one of the leading countries in submitting ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), to mitigate global warming.

And considering the importance this particular passenger clearly attaches to time, and how it is best used, the gravity of the issues that were discussed, it is fair to conclude that this particular traveller would not go anywhere near an airport, unless the journey was strictly necessary.

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