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Why Rwanda Voted In Favour of a Resolution Denouncing Russia at the UN

by Edmund Kagire
1:57 pm

Rwanda called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Government of Rwanda has explained the rationale behind voting in favour of a resolution that denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, pointing out that Rwanda values the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of any country and it must be respected.

In a statement delivered by the Minister Counsellor in Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the UN, Robert Kayinamura, at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, which overwhelmingly voted to reprimand Russia for invading Ukraine, the Government of Rwanda called for an immediate peaceful solution that would end the conflict between the two European neighbours.

The resolution, which was supported by 141 of the assembly’s 193 members, saw countries call on Moscow to stop fighting and withdraw its military forces, in Ukraine, as the conflict rages on.

Rwanda took the floor to explain its position, saying that it firmly supports a peaceful resolution the conflict which has left the world divided.

“We supported this resolution to reaffirm our commitment to the Charter on the UN. Military actions should cease immediately and go for a peaceful settlement of this crisis. Russian Federation and Ukraine have the key to resolving this conflict. The external intervention will only worsen the situation,”

“We fully support international efforts to de-escalate the war, including UNSG efforts in seeking a solution to the crisis. We urge all concerned parties to demonstrate calm and seek a solution to the conflict through dialogue to ensure that civilians do not continue to pay the heaviest price of military escalation,” the Government of Rwanda statement reads.

Serious concerns

Rwanda is of the view that a lasting solution will only be achieved through dialogue by all parties, taking into account the concerns of both sides, emphasizing that the current war does not guarantee that it will bring peace.

“Instead, it is likely to generate subsequent crises and human suffering. Rwanda also expresses serious concern with the extent of humanitarian devastation and peace and security challenges caused by this war including reports that Africans are being racially segregated and denied safe exit and admission to neighboring countries,”

Rwanda condemned the racial discrimination against Africans in Ukraine. Many Africans remain stranded by the Ukrainian border.

“We call upon all those involved to allow unhindered evacuation without looking at their color or origin,” adding that the founding principles of the United Nations is to live peacefully with each other, uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States while considering the security interests of the others,”

“Diplomatic options present better solutions to sustainable peace. We call for open dialogue and negotiations in good faith. Rwanda calls for a sincere commitment to the United Nations Charter and international order. The ongoing crisis poses a severe threat to international peace and security,”

“We encourage concerned parties to give a chance to peace. We wish to underline that a long-lasting solution to the current crisis is primarily in the hands of
Russia and Ukraine. Dialogue is their best option to resolve this crisis,” the Government of Rwanda said.

Rwanda is also working around the clock to evacuate Rwandans who are still stuck in Ukraine amidst ongoing fighting.

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