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Inzozi Lotto: How You Can Start A New Month Rwf 5M Richer

by KT Press Reporter
11:02 am

Inzozi Lotto proceeds this week with the journey to propose you ways you can win prizes that would turn around your life for ever.

Our Jackpot lotto has now been increased to Rwf 5 million and if you can recall, we have been upgrading every other week since we started in December 2021.

The meaning of it all, is that, one may choose to continue this journey with us so as to take home prizes every week.

As a matter of example, last week 1,003 people won in jackpot drive, earning different  prizes and so far, we have given out Rwf 36 million worth of winings.

Some of the big winners who have so far tested the beauty of this jackpot lotto may include but are not limited to Theoneste Nsabimana and Eugene Kwizera who got a prize of Rwf 1 million respectively.

However, many others played and took home prizes ranging from Rwf 2000 to Rwf 500,000. You could be the next winner!

So, how to start?

Grab your phone and before playing, you have to assure that the mobile money or Inzozi Lotto account is loaded with at least Rwf 500.

At this level, you will dial *240#  and choose Jackpot Lotto and  your phone will first tell you the date the prizes will be given out.

Then in the next step, you will chose six numbers comprised between 1 and 49 and stand a chance to win Rwf 5 million.

Most important: you may choose to have the numbers sent to you which is fine, but, you can also choose to write them yourself. In the last scenario, kindly remember to put space after every number.

It’s also important to buy one ticket at ago, but the more tickets, the more chances you stand to win.

If you choose to buy ticket via Mobile Money, dial *182*7*1# and follow procedures.

We actually have got agents across the city of Kigali in other secondary cities like Musanze and Rubavu. You may choose to walk to the nearest agent’s station for help.

Alternatively, you can visit our website www.inzozilotto.rw to play.

While winners are announced every Sunday, playing is open through the week.

Remember! The objective of Inzozi lotto jackpot is to contribute to sports development in Rwanda. Therefore, your playing means contributing to development and enthusiasm of sports in Rwanda.